About Us

The organization established in the year 1984 has completed 36 years of its existence and uninterruptedly working towards the empowerment of disadvantaged sections of society i.e. scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, women and children at large.

The institute began with a small Balwadi and today proudly runs a full-fledged IT Center among many other different development activities. The organization dedicates its efforts to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the beacon light of our movement and strives to espouse and spread his message.

Many activities like Education complex for Primitive Tribe Girls, family counseling center, Short Stay Home, Sankalp Educated Unemployed Service Co-operative Society Ltd, IT Center, etc. In our endeavor for the development of deprived classes.

Moreover, we realize that it shall not suffice for the Future generation in the present era of Globalization, very soon we’ll have our medical and engineering colleges, as well as corporate companies. And then we will be able to remove the shackles of underdevelopment trapping our society for decades.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to keep striving for the less fortunate souls, i.e the disadvantaged sections, esp, women & children, help them remove their sufferings and provide them all the opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest and explore all the possibilities to achieve this goal.

We aim to achieve this vision by launching a mission through:

  • Target based and need based approach,
  • By identifying the risk groups,
  • Preparing the required projects and implementing them,
  • Focusing basically on educational needs as that is the cornerstone in the present era,
  • Regarding women empowerment,
  • activities are run to make them self sufficient, also the organization aims to address the issue of educated unemployed by promoting entrepreneurship development,
  • keeping a hawk’s eye on all the arenas where we can contribute for the welfare of the downtrodden and disadvantaged society.

The greatest GOOD is what we do for one another.