• 2015

    Water Security Project at Warcha Tembha

    Water Security of Warcha Tembha and Khairpada of Shahpur Taluka of Thane district. Main aim of the project is to construct water supplying structure with drinking water treatment facilities to serve more than 300 household.

  • 2014

    Art & Culture Centre

    To make an all round development in the students we have started this center & presently in process of pursuing affiliation for the same.

  • 2014


    A project of nutrition to our tribal residential school Shirole, It is found that most of the tribal kids are affected due to non availability of nutritious diet in their early childhood. Considering the dire need Lions Club of Juhu donated 6 cows with shed for Goshala by which we are providing fresh milk to 500 students.

  • 2013

    Free Spoken English Course

    To empower the educated youth to excel in the society, we with Time of India CSR Group & the British Council of India have started Spoken English Course for employability on 1st Oct, 2013.This highly interactive course is design to get rid of Spoken English Phobia among the youths Times Group are not simply providing such training but simultaneously they call job fair to afford an Employment & it is on permanent basis & not contract base.

  • 2012

    Competitive Exams Training Center for Schedule Caste Students.

    "Competitive Exams have become omnipresent , as right from securing admission in a good school to getting a professional degree, and further
    acquiring job requires one to ‘qualify ’ in a test. We felt that the disadvantaged students suffer a lot in this process as the high amount of fees for top classes could not be paid by them. Hence ABM started a private batch taking minimal fees from the students to give them reliable coaching . Our first batch had 10 students out of which 7 got qualified in IBPS Exam.So far 45 students got selected in both government & private sector in various departments like:

    Public : Police Department, Bombay Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra State Transport Corporation, Mumbai High Court, Railway Station Master, Irrigation Department Government Of Maharashtra, Charity Commissioner Office Thane, Deputy Manager Tribal Commisioner Office Nashik, Assistant Auditor Dapoli College, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company, Union Bank Of India, Police Constable.
    Private : HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank."

  • 2011

    Advancing Tobacco Control Through Capacity Building, Training, Engagement & Advocacy

    "The project is in collaboration with ‘International Union against Tuberculosis
    and Lung Disease (The Union)’ for two years starting from January 2011.
    Objectives of the project:
    • Create smoke free public places as per section 4 of COTPA and
    strengthen enforcement and implementation of section-6 of COTPA .
    • Improved monitoring and compliance of Tobacco Control Laws
    Building capacity of decision makers at the State and District level to
    institutionalize tobacco control within jurisdictions and building capacity of
    Civil society partners at District level."

  • 2009

    MSCIT Center and Bachelor of Computer Application training Center

    About 60 students enrolled out of which 30 were girls, successfully completed MSCIT course, of which some are employed by the Government.As the relevance of MSCIT course is dipping, admissions received a setback and we started professional courses like Bachelor of Computer Application ,and other certificate courses, etc

  • 2006

    Rajiv Gandhi National Creches Centre

    ICDS opened such units in every village

  • 2005

    Sankalp Educated Unemployeed Service Coperative Society ltd. At:Kalyan, Dist:Thane

    The shortage of jobs is rampant in the society and when educated youth don’t get employment ,the frustration experienced is much more. We reflected over this problem and formed Sankalp Educated Unemployed Youth Service Co-operative Society in the year 2003-2004 to create job creators from job seekers. With public private partnership in full boom, the Government is hiring lots of contract workers and the potential of the youth should be tapped accordingly.

  • 2005

    State Electricity Bill Collection Centres , Kalyan

    The persons we employ, in these centers are local, unemployed youth and in need of income, while they are taking education . About 50-60 youngsters have been benefitted through this project. Along with them our about 20000 valued customers from the area are also benefitted eg:- senior citizens ,women find it convenient as they don’t have to walk too far as was the case in the past.

  • 2004

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vidyalaya, At:Dhamangoan, Tal:Bhiwandi, Dist:Thane

    Dhamangaon is a village 5-6 km away from Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation. In spite of proximity to localities, the villagers were not willing to send their girl child to school. Bhiwandi is declared as communal riot prone. After careful observation, along with discussion with villagers we opened a secondary school as a solution to the above problem. The Gram Panchayat of Dhamangaon immensely cooperated by providing space for the school building mostly youth and from backward castes. It has a distinct legal identity with thane district jurisdiction."

  • 2003

    Lok Abhiyan Credit Cooperative Society Limited At:Kalyan, Tal:Kalyan, Dist:Thane

    "While working for the upliftment of downtrodden for all these years, the organization has become aware that economic empowerment is as necessary as social empowerment and the availability of credit can transform the lives of disadvantaged sections of people. Thus Lok Abhiyan Credit Cooperative Society limited was formed with about 3500 members,
    mostly youth and from backward castes. It has a distinct legal identity with
    Thane district jurisdiction."

  • 2002

    Mahatma Phule Education Guarantee Scheme

    Drop out students from Below poverty line were exculsively given education in 25 kendra , students enrolled in school and this inintiative help them to come in main stream of society

  • 2002

    Typing & Shorthand Training Centre

    Enhance the skill of students of for updating their profile with added learning of Typing & shorthand.

  • 2002


    Our organisation is working in the field of women and child development since last 24 years. Taking into consideration Central Social Welfare Board allotted the Helpline for women. This Helpline centre provided 24 hours services which established in the year 2002.Many times emotional problems like loneliness, depression, interpersonal conflict, suicide feeling, etc. in these circumstances the women and girls needed the service of Helpline. Our Counselor worked in the Helpline centers gave the moral support to the caller by giving suggestion and guidance.

  • 2001

    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Mobile Dispensary

    "The Tribal population residing in remote areas have a general fear of modernization due to lack of education and extremely poor financial status. They do not approach the Primary Health Centres, even if they are accessible and prefer ‘Dhongi Babas’ and black magic instead. We then devised the concept of ‘Doctor goes to Patient instead of Patient goes to Doctor’ to solve the problem. Henceforth Dr. Ambedkar Mobile Dispensary Unit was started in 2001. It worked in the remote areas of Thane district namely Jawhar, Mokhada, etc."

  • 2001

    Vocational Training Centre for girls At: Shahapur Tal:Shahapur Dist:Thane

    Swawlamban ( NORAD) Scheme was been implemented by the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India with partial assistance from Norway with ABM as local partner. Its basic objective was to provide training and skill to women to facilitate them obtain employment or self-employment on a sustained basis. The target group under the scheme are the poor and needy women, women from weaker sections of the society, such as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, etc.

  • 2001

    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Libarary Bhatsanagar Tal:Shahapur, Dist:Thane

    Bhatsa river dam construction was continued till 2003 and they had different grade of employees , namely Grade 1, Grade 2 & Grade 3 was of labours to teach this people of make them know how of the outside world this initiative was conducted.

  • 1999

    Samaj Abhiyan

    A weekly news paper was published stating social issues , development initiative , awareness about government schemes etc.,

  • 1999

    Legal Literacy Camps

    12 Camps in 3 years were conducted it was studied that almost all villagers were not having good legal knowledge and thus it has become very necessary to implement such initiative. So to get rid of sawkars and contractors who cheat them by forgery.
    According to our experience with tribal, they are most comfortable in their own atmosphere of forest and hills and wish to remain there. So the educational complex was planned in the same atmosphere. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of permanent shelter reinforces the culture of deprivation in these tribal. Education and vocation only can empower them and so despite challenges, our faith in the project remains as before."

  • 1999

    Educational Complex for Primitive Tribe Girls

    "After independence only this community has been in worst condition.The Primitive Tribe Group among Scheduled Tribes have less than 2% literacy rate even today. The katkari sub caste from Thane district is a Primitive Tribe Group and ABM Samaj Prabodhan Sanstha has prioritized them for upliftment through educating the girl children. The Ministry of Tribal affairs gave sanction to this project in the year 1999.
    According to our experience with tribals, they are most comfortable in their own atmosphere of forest and hills and wish to remain there. So the educational complex was planned in the same atmosphere. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of permanent shelter reinforces the culture of deprivation in these tribals. Education and vocation only can empower them and so despite challenges, our faith in the project remains as before."

  • 1997

    Computer Operations Training, At: Shahapur Tal:Shahapur Dist:Thane

    Shahapur District is included in Tribal Sub Plan no jobs were found especially for girls being highly educated so as to increase their academic presence organisation started this initiative, one girl from tribal community got selected in tribal department government of Maharashtra. This same unit was recognized by University later.

  • 1995

    Income Generation unit Through envelope Making for inmates of Short Stay Home At:Kudus, Tal:Wada,Dist:Thane

    The organisation found that the short-stay home women were having psychological issues because of none activity in short stay home to divert them from such happening the organisation made the skill development center with modern Machinery after 2 years 100 women's were benefited from the same.

  • 1994

    Scheme on promotion of small family norms & population Control

    This Programme was conducted in rabodi village near Thane , where 3 trained women counsellors were appointted to make know how of the over population drawbacks.

  • 1994

    Maharashtra Rural Water Supply Environmental Sanitation & Health Community Problem

    It was found that during repair of the water pipe line near Tansa lake their was a huge water loss our organisation members took a task with government agencies a helped villages from Agai to Pogoan rural water supply scheme , with preference to how to use this water by installing stand post & using waste water for washing cloth for maintaining hygiene etc.,

  • 1994

    Gram Parisar Vikas, Programme Cost Norms for Village & Eco Development Plan

    A programme named "Smokeless Chulla " , at village wada, village shirola where with the help of government officials womens of village households were trained to use forest waste for cooking instead of wood for living trees.

  • 1994

    Computer Training Center At.Kalyan, Tal.Kalyan Dist : Thane

    "Almost all members of the organization were employed in various commercial establishments, yet it was not easy to provide costly computer
    training to even their kids during the year 1991-1992. Only then it was felt, how hard it is to come to terms with the demands of digital era more so for
    the SC/ST students. Hence the ABM Computech Centre was started in 1994-1995 providing training to the same free of cost, it was recognized by
    department of vocational training, educational board and Government where certified courses were taught free of cost with special sanction. Later it got converted into a resource generation and sustainable unit."

  • 1993

    Condensed Course of Education for Adult Women

    These condensed course was conducted in the interior of Thane district especially areas under Tribal sub plan , two womens from every village was appointed as a teacher , one course was held at shenve shahapur, other at Khodala taluka mokhada 25 womens from this course were benefited

  • 1993

    Creches Cum Balwadies

    The organisation found that the villages had balwadies but the interior didn’t had balwadies in interior hence the organisation started balwadies in very interior 50 villages where all tecahers appointed were women so that even girls child will get motivated from her and take education.

  • 1993

    Strengthening Culture & Values in Education

    The organisation while executining various projects in the in interior of khodala, Mokhada, Dolara,Pawar pada found that children & adults are not taking education since being trained in marathi laguage it was not in local marathi language ABM with help of government initiatives thought villagers to learn in their domestic language & importance of education in day to day launguage

  • 1992

    Non Formal Educational & adult education centre for women

    During the work of organisation in the interior parts of the jowhar , mokhada women in the interior didn’t even knew how to sign, on what paper they are signing.The organisation members decided to make all these women know how & help them in understanding atleast with enough reading capability that they can understand normal literature

  • 1991

    Prevention from Drug Abuse Programme

    In year 1990 Mumbai , place near mumbai named Vakola an incident took place in which nearly 23 people died because of where 23 people died because bad batch of liquor.The organisation took the initiative and conducted camps to make people know hoe of the drawback of Drugs & others.

  • 1990

    Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Tribal Boys & Residential School At:Shirole, Tal:Bhiwandi,Dist:Thane

    In late 90's every year after declaration of result in newspaper there use to be a news that Tribal school results are zero .The organisation thought there may be two reasons these students are genetically have faults and can't study or the teachers at the said school are not able to teach them.Accepting the chalenge organisation started a school exclusively for tribal students whos result is always more than 70%.

  • 1990

    Short Stay Home for Distressed & Deserted Women , At:Kudus Tal:Wada Dist:Palghar

    Once while crossing one village the president of the organisation seen a well dressed women road side after investigating it was found that her husband & mother , father both didn't allowed her in home due to family dispute . To help such women in distress the organisation took a special santion and started shorty stay home.

  • 1988

    Family Counselling Center At.Kalyan, Tal.Kalyan, Dist.Thane

    One family dispute women victim came to our oragnisation member for help since her husband was physically abusing her.ABM Team done a study of how to overcome this kind of issues with help of legal facilities and government support which lead to starting of Family counselling center.

  • 1987

    Awarness Generation Projects for Rural & Poor Women

    In 1980 women from interior region of thane district was both economically & socially backward and mostly illiterate . Women's from all those areas were not able to read , write & eventually not able to send post cards, do bank transactions, application to various schemes. ABM took the initiative to aware these rural women of how to outreach all these above mentioned issues.